Disposal of nuclear waste

In this article we are going to discuss about how to disposal of nuclear waste because it is vary dangerous for us. so it is most required to disposed the nuclear waste of nuclear power plant

disposal of nuclear waste, disposal of nuclear waste of nuclear power plantDisposal of nuclear waste

The disposal of slide, liquid and gaseous was from nuclear power plant needs special attention because of the danger of radiation. It is necessary to me jar the radio activity in the gaseous and liquid for and keep the records. Gaius elements are filtered before discharging in to atmosphere. The filtered gas is discharge at high level so that it is discharge properly. It is essential to monitor the loss of  carbon dioxide from the reactor to ensure that this loss dons not exceed about one ten per day ,proper precautions against tuxes necessary during scheduled blowing down operation .
At most of the nuclear power plant the liquid element is discharge after filtration PH adjustment and direction by mixing with the discharge cooling water. At some stat5ion it may be necessary to remove the radio activity from the required effluents by iron exchange process. Proper records are main ten for all radioactive liquid discharge from the plant.
The solid west like rejected control rods, pieces of fuel, have to be stored in the shielded concrete box. The most highly radio active solid west are fuel elements. These waste elements are stored under water or air cooled shielded area for about hundred days so that radio activity may decay to a sufficient low level after this time these wastes are disposed to underground places

Main components of nuclear west

1. Fuel rods

Tube filled with pellets of uranium

2. Shielding

It provides protection against alpha, beta and gamma rays.

3. Moderator

It slow down the neutron release

4. Control rods

They control the rate of reaction by moving and out the reactor
·         It move in rate of reaction
·         All move in reactor is shut down
·         If the control rods move into the reactor coal then the rate of reaction will be low and if the control rods move out from the reactor core then rate of reaction will increase. They are made of boron or cadmium

5.  Nuclear reactor

A nuclear reactor is a device in which nuclear chain reaction are initiated controlled and sustained at a steady rate

6. Reactor core

The reactor core consists of fuel controls rods

7. Condenser

Condenser is an electric  device  the objective of the condenser are to reduce the turbine exhaust pressure to increase the efficiency and to recover high quality feed water in the form of condensed feedback at to the steam generator without any further treatment.
So these are main component which  required in nuclear power plant and also required disposal of nuclear waste. if you find  any incorrect above please comment below 

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