Coal handling plant , coal power plant

Coal handling plant

According to see the diagram various stages of coal handling where to deliver the coal to boiler. It depend on type of plant, load factor and load capacity .some of the inter mediate steps may be eliminate.
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Coal handling plant steps

1. Delivery of coal

2. Unloading
3. Preparation
4. Transfer
5. Outdoor storage
6. Covered storage
7. In plant handling

1. Delivery of coal

The coal is delivered by the sea/river, rail or road. Selection of proper method of all supply from the coal mines to the power station depends on the system capacity and transfer location of the plant with respect to rail or water facilities available and location of available outside storage.

2. Unloading

In this steps unloading the choice of equipment will depend on the how the coal is receive

3. Preparation

Preparation of coal before feeding to the combustion chamber becomes necessary only if UN sized . A coal preparation plant may include the following equipment. In coal handling plant
Preparation equipment
Seizers, Dryers, magnetic separators   

4. Transfer

This means carry in coal from unloading point to the storage size from where it is discharge to the firing equipment. it may require  more than one equipment depending on the local condition. Equipment used for this purpose may be as following
1. Belt conveyor
2. Screw
3. Bucket element
4. Flight conveyor

5. Outdoor storage  

The coal storage needed for two essential reasons.
1. It is an insurance against complete shutdown of a power plant which may arise from failure of normal coal delivery.
2. Second reasons for coal storage is that advantage can be taken of seasonal market condition. This means that when prices are law can be purchased or stored for future used. Amount of coal to be started depends on available for storage. Transportation facilities and nearness of the power plant to coal mines.

6. Covered storage

Such storage consist coal requirements of the plant for a day.

6. In plant handling

This refers to handling of coal between the final storage to the wiring equipment . the pulverized fuel firing system would require equipment.  Such as pulverized mills, feeders weighing equipment and many other for in plant handling

7. Weighing, handing

It is necessary to wate coal at unloading point and also that used at feet to the individual boilers. A correct measurement of coal enable one to have an idea of total quantity of coal delivered at site and also whether or not proper quantity has  been burn as per load on the plant and this can be perform by using belt scale automatic recording system.
Hence by follow of above steps coal deliver for furring. if any in correct you find above pleas

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