Measuring system,instrumentation system

In this article we will discuss about measuring system or instrumentation system.

measuring system,instrumentation system ,data conversion system ,primary sensing elementMeasuring system , Instrumentation system

In measuring system measuring work done by various system
Generalized configuration of instrument or measuring system

1. Primary sensing element
2. Data conversion element
3. Data manipulation element
4. Data presentation element
5. Data transmission element

1. Primary sensing element

This element sense measurable quantity and according to their measurable quantity it provide electrical signal.  If measurable quantity is an electrical signal then don’t need of primary sensing element as like, current, voltage. But in case of nonelectrical signal it required for convert nonelectrical signal into electrical signal. Transformer is used to convert nonelectrical signal into electrical signal.  As like, temperature, pressure, velocity.

2. Data conversion element

The output of primary sensing element if not suitable for measuring then it make them suitable for measuring system. As like AD converter

3. Data manipulation element

This element used to change the value of output according to system but it takes safe its original nature.
(As like voltage is voltage, current is current)   
It is also provide various facility of measuring system
Filter nation

4. Data transmission element

It is used to transfer the data from one place to another place . we can simply say that which element provide to transmit data from one place to another place are called data transmission element. As like Radio signal, transmitter

5. Data presentation element

It is used to receive the transmitted data and also measure them. Data use for recording or display and by these help can be control of other devices.  different devices are used for measure the data as like analog or digital voltmeter, Ammeter etc. for recording data different material are used as magnetic tape ,printers CD drives, for display data VDU ( visual display devices) used. As TV, monitor, etch

So these are main system which use in measuring system 

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