Difference between CT and PT, Current Transformer and Potential Transformer

In this article we will know about what is difference between CT and PT . we will also know short description of CT and PT. So these are some difference between PT and CT.
Difference between CT and PT , ct and pt difference

Difference between CT and PT

       CT (Current Transformer)
1. The primary winding current in CT is independent of the secondary winding circuit condition.
The primary winding current is PT depends on secondary circuit burden.
2. In case of CT , it is connected in series with one line and a small voltage exist across its terminals, however CT carries the full line current.
In |PTs full line voltage is impressed upon its terminals.
3. The primary winding current and excitation of a CT vary over wide limits in normal operation.
In case of PT , it is under normal operation the line voltage is nearly constant and therefore the flux density and exciting current of a PT varies only over a restricted range .
4. The CT may be through as a series transformer under virtual short circuit conditions.
The PT may be considering as parallel transformer with its secondary winding operating under open circuit conditions.
6. The secondary of a C.T cannot be open during maintenance.
The secondary of  a P.T can be open circuited maintenance or during testing.
7. In case of CT primary current is independent of the secondary circuit condition.
In case of PT , its primary current is depend on secondary circuit condition.
8. It can be consider as a series transformer
It can be consider as a parallel transformer.
9. By the help of CT , a 5A ammeter can be measured higher current.  As like 400A.
With the help of PT , A 230 Voltmeter can be measured thousand volt. As like 11KV.
10.  CT is used for current measurement
PT is used for Voltage measurement

Hence these are some difference between CT and PT if you will find any incorrect in above article you must comment in comment box.

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