Site selection of Hydroelectric power plant

Site selection of Hydroelectric  power plant 

In site site selection of hydroelectric plant following point we should keep in mind. 

1. Availability of water

2. Water storage
site selection of hydroelectric power plant, steps to site selection of hydroelectric power plant
3. Geological investigation

4. Water pollution

5. Sedimentation Environmental effect

6. Aces to site

1. availability of water 

the river run off data pertain to many years should be available so that and estimate of the power potential of the project and the made . the data should include minimum Flo and maximum flow and their periods.

2. Water storage 

Because of white fluctuation in stream flows storage is needed most hydroelectric project to store the water during high flow periods and use it during the leading flow periods. the storage capacity can be calculated from the hydro graph.

3. Geological investigation 

It is need to see that the foundation roof from the demand and other structure is stable and strong enough to with stand water thrust and other stress.

4. Water pollution 

Polluted water may cause excessive corrosion and damage to metallic structure . this may make the operation of the plant un reliable and UN economical so it is necessary to sea the water is of good quality .

5. Sedimentation 

the capacity of storage reserve wire is reduced dew to the gradual deposition of snit
snit may cause damage to turbine plate .

6. Environmental effect 

Hydro project submerge use areas and many villages the environmental effect are also importation . The site should ensure safe soundings, avoid heath hazard and presser important cultural and storage aspect of the area. 

7. Access to site 

A hydro electric plant installed at the suitable location should be connected threw the rail and road facilities so that row material and heavy machinery can be transfer at the suitable location very easily it is also a important factor for selecting the suitably location for hydroelectric plant. 

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