difference between AC and DC power

In this article we are going to discuss about the difference between AC and DC power. Both of electrical power,AC means alternating current and DC means direct current. there are some difference between them.

Difference between AC and DC , difference between AC and DC power, difference between dc and ac

difference between ac and dc power

                   AC(Alternating current)
                               DC (Direct current)
1.  In case AC power , the electron flow constantly in both direction or switching direction sometimes going backward, and sometime going “forward”.
In DC power , the electron flow constantly  in single direction , or forward direction
2.  Alternating current is more best for transmit electricity over large distance
Direct current is less use to transmit electricity over large distance
3. In case of extra high voltage transmission AC is more efficient than DC.
DC power is less efficient to transmits extra high voltage
4. The frequency of Alternating current is 50 to 60HZ. In India 50HZ frequency used.
The frequency of direct current is 0HZ.it DC has not frequency.
5.  Alternating current can be flow both forward and backward direction.
Direct current can flow only one direction or forward direction.
6.  Alternating current power factor always lies between 0 to 1.
Direct current power factor always being unity
7. In AC power ,voltage and current does not lies in same phase which mean voltage and current lies in different phase,
In case of DC power, voltage and current lies in same phase which cause its power factor is always being unity,
8. In AC different parameter lies as resistance, capacitance, inductance, Impedance.
In DC  only one parameter lies which is Resistance.
9.  It can reverse its current direction according requirement
9. It cannot reverse its direction
10. Its (current) magnitude varies with respect to time. dI/dT
Its magnitude is always constant
11.  It is efficient  for linger distance to provide more power
It is not efficient  for longer distance
12.  AC curve is sinusoidal
DC curve is state line
13.  It required less  dangerous
It required more dangerous
14. AC power can be easily step up and step down in power transmission by use of transformer
DC power cannot be easily step up and step down it required to convert dc into ac power.
15. In AC power transmission being corona losses and voltage drop and other type power loss.
In case  of DC power these type losses is negligible
16.  AC power can be covert into DC power by using of bridge rectifier
DC power can be convert into AC power by using of invert er.
 These are some difference some difference between AC and DC power.
 If  you fined some in correct above please comment below.

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