Difference between Air Conditioner and Refrigeration

Difference between Air conditioner and Refrigeration

In this article we will learn about the basic differences between Refrigeration and air conditioner.The main concept to use refrigeration and air conditioner is reducing temperature of a some particular location compared to other location. Its application phenomena can be seen in different domestic and industrial field such as ACs and Refrigerator (Frizzier).

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Working of Air conditioner and Regrigeration

Refrigeration is a process of removal-undesired heat from a particular location or objects to another location or object. Simply we can say that thermal energy transfer from a higher temperature location to a lower temperature location,

In Air conditioning, process has two units, which is indoor and outdoor. These both systems connected with a pipe with the air three operations being which is heating, compressed condensed and liquefied. In this system liquid has evaporates and provide cooling with the help of condenser.

Difference between Air Conditioner and Refrigeration

            Air Conditioning  System

             Refrigeration  System

It is used to cool the room for maintain humidity

For maintain humidity we use special device.

 It is use for cool the food due to food preservation

 Simply can say that it is use for food cooling. Like Frizzier

In this system Fan is required

In this system Fan not required

It is also a measure difference between air conditioner and refrigeration

In this system some chemicals in-built in unit  and absorb air into the system

In this system, Air is supplied to the unit by the use of pipe. These are also a difference between air conditioner and refrigeration

In this system two unit are present. One unit for evaporator and second unit is used for houses the compressor and the condenser.

In this system only one single unit available for all evaporator ,compressor and condenser

Its circulation system is designed for flow cooled air out of the unit

In this circulation, system is designed for keep cooling with in the unit.

Air conditioner system work is heat removed from a given location to maintain cool temperature at space.

Its works heat is transferred to a location with high temperature.

It is also basic difference between air conditioner and refrigeration.

Cooling system is defined as the process of bringing  down the  temperature  of the body to a temperature which is lower than the surrounding

Refrigeration is the process in which the temperature of the body is brought down to the temperature, which lowers that, its surroundings and this temperature is maintained throughout.

Hence, these are some difference between air conditioner and refrigeration if you will find any incorrect in above article please comment in comment box.

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