Various Method of Cooling Transformer

In this article we will know about the various method of cooling transformer. we will discuss about different type cooling of transformer and their application .

Various Method of cooling transformer
Various Method of Cooling Transformer

Various Method of Cooling Transformer

Now we are going to knowing  aobut the various method of cooling transformer. we will know that how many types of cooling transformer.

Various Method of Cooling Transformer 

  • Simple Cooling of Transformer
  • Air natural (AN) of Transformer

Core and coils are open to the atmosphere air. This method is confined to very small transformer.

Some Other Various Method of Cooling Transformer

  • Air Natural Air Natural (ANAN) of  Cooling Transformer

Transformer is enclosed in tank. Tank and transformer are being cooled by natural circulation of air.

  • Air Blast (AB) of  Cooling Transformer

A continuous blast of air is forced through core and winding if transformer is open or air is blasted over the tank if transformer is inside the tank.

  • Oil Natural Air Natural (ONAN)

It is usual method of cooling. Transformer is immersed in a tank filled with oil and sealed. Here are some other various method of cooling transformer . which is used to cooling of transformer winding.

  • Oil Natural Air Forced (ONAF)  of Cooling Transforemer

Cooling f an ONAN type transformer is improved by air blast over the outside surface of the tank.

  • Oil Forced Air Natural (OFAN) of Cooling Transforemer

For very large transformer, oil is circulated through the main tank with the help of a pump to the external radiators where it is cooled by natural air.There are some various method of cooling transformer.

  • Oil Forced Air Forced (OFAF) of Cooling Transforemer

If OFAN method is not sufficient to dissipate the heat, in that case heat could be easily extracted from the walls of the radiator by a blast. these are basic method of cooling transformer.



  • Mixed Cooling of Transformer

Transformers have two or three methods of cooling depend upon the requirement of load to be fed. In case of ONAN/ONAB, there are fans or blowers fitted around the tank.

Hence these are various method of cooling transformer. we have studied about diffferent types of transformer cooling lke OAFC ONAF,OFAF,AB etc.If you will find any incorrect in above article you must comment in comment box.

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