Permanent magnet

In this article we will learn about the permanent magnet. we know application of permanent magnet and their property.

Permanent magnet

Permanent magnets are made of hard magnetic materials like steel. The magnetic material is magnetized during its manufacturing process by subjecting the material to a strong inductive field. Cobalt steel, which is generally used for permanent magnets, is able to retain its magnetism for a long time magnetization because of its greater retentively. Soft iron will only make a temporary magnet and will lose its magnetism easily. Certain alloys of steel particularly alnico (alloy of aluminum, nickel, iron and cobalt with a percentage of copper and titanium) is used for making good grade commercial magnets.
permanent magnet, application of permanent magnet, working of permanent magnet

Permanent magnets are normally made in the form of bar magnets, or as horse-shoe magnets. These can also be made in other shapes to suit special purposes.
When in storage a piece of soft iron called a keeper is put across the two poles as in fig. a keeper forms a closed magnetic circuit with the magnet and helps retain the strength of the magnet over a long period by preventing any external magnetic field from inducing opposite polarities in the permanent magnet and thereby weakening its strength.

Application of permanent magnet

Permanent magnets are a vital part of modern life. They are found in or used to produce almost every modern convenience today, from speakers in mobile phones to the electric motors.

Permanent magnets are used in the following major groups: acoustic transducers, motors and generators, magneto mechanical devices and magnetic field and imaging systems, you will find permanent magnets in many products, such as televisions, telephones, computers, audio systems, air conditioners, washing machines and automobiles.
permanent magnet, application of permanent magnet, working of permanent magnet
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if you want to know more about the permanent magnet and their application you must watch this video.

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