Types of Laser

In this article we will learn about types of laser and their application, we will discuss in detail that how many types of laser and what is their application.  We studied about different type of laser and its application.

Types of Laser

Various types of Laser are discussed below.
types of laser and their application,laser types and working

1. Gas Lasers

Gas leaser using many gases have been built and used  this types of laser use different purpose.
1. Helium-neon laser (HeNe) emits at a variety of wavelengths.
2. Carbon dioxide lasers can emit hundreds of kilowatts. These are used in industry of cutting and welding.
3. Argon-ion lasers emit light in the range 351-528.7nm.
4. Metal ion lasers are gas lasers that generate deep ultraviolet wave lengths.

2. Chemical Lasers

It is main types of laser.
These are powered by a chemical reaction, and can achieve high powers in continuous operation

3. Excimer laser

types of laser and their application,laser types and working
These are powered by chemical reaction involving an excited dimer, or excimer, which is a short-lived demeric or heterodemeric molecule formed from two species (atoms), at least one of which is in an excited electronic state. They typically produce ultraviolet light, and are used semiconductor photolithography and in LASIK eye surgery.

4. Solid-State lasers

In these types of laser,

materials are commonly made by doping a crystalline solid host with ions that provide the required energy states.

Fiber-hosted lasers
Solid-state lasers where the light is guided due to the total internal reflection in an optical fiber are called fibre lasers.

5. Photonic crystal lasers

Photonic crystal types of  lasers are lasers based on nano-structures that provide that mode confinement and density of optical states (DOS) structure required for the feedback to take place.
Semiconductor lasers
Semiconductor lasers are also solid-state lasers but have a different mode of laser operation. It is semiconductor types of lesser which is solid-state lesser.

6. Dye Lasers

Dye lasers use an organic dye as the gain medium.

Free electron lasers, or FELS, generate coherent, high power radiation that is widely tunable, currently ranging in wavelength from microwaves, through terahertz radiation and infrared, to the visible spectrum, to soft –rays.

Applications of lasers

Different types of laser have different application.
Application of lasers in different fields is listed below.

In Scientific Field

1. Interferometry techniques
2. Raman spectroscopy
3. Laser induced break down
4. Atmospheric remote sensing
5. Investigating non-linear optics phenomena
6. Holographic techniques employing lasers also contribute to a number of measurement techniques.

 In Material Processing

  • Laser cutting, laser welding, laser brazing, laser bending, laser engraving or marking, laser cleaning, 
weapons, etc.

  • In Military field

  • Military uses of lasers include applications such as target designation and ranging, defensive countermeasures, communications and directed energy weapons.

In medical field

1. Cosmetic surgery removing tattoos, scars, stretch marks, sunspots, wrinkles, birthmarks, and hairs.
2. used in dermatology
3. Eye surgery and refractive surgery
4. Soft tissue surgery
5. Laser scalpel (General surgery, gynecological. Urology, laparoscopic)
6. Dental procedures
7. Photobiomodulation that is laser therapy
8. No touch removal of tumors, especially of brain and spinal cord.
9. In dentistry for caries removal, endodontic/periodontics tooth whitening and oral surgery.

In commercial Field

  • In consumer electronics, telecommunications, and data communications, lasers are used as the transmitters in optical communications over optical fiber and free space.

Hence it is the types of laser and their application if you will find any incorrect above please comment below in comment box.

For knowing more about the types of laser you must watch this video.

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