Types of steam turbines

In this article we will learn about types of steam turbine. we will discuss about types of steam turbine and their working. we learn about impulse and reaction turbine.
types of steam turbines, working of impulse turbine, working of reaction turbine.

Types of steam turbines

Steam turbines converts heat energy of steam into mechanical energy and drives the generator
Is uses the principle that the steam when issuing from a small opening velocity. This velocity attains during expansion depends on the initial and final heat content of the steam.  This difference between the initial and final heat content represents.  The heat energy convened into kinetic energy.
Steam turbine classified into two parts( types of steam turbine)
1. Impulse turbine
2. Reaction turbine

1. Impulse turbine

In impulse turbine steam is expanded in turbine nozzle a attains a high velocity the steam let struck on the blades fixed on the rotter periphery. The rotter may be built up rotter or integral rotter’s.  A built up rotter consist of forged steam shaft on which separate for good steam discs are shrunk is keyed.
In an integral rotter the wheel and shaft are formed from one solid forging.  The built up rotter is cheaper and easier to manufacture.
In an integral rotter the dishes cannot become loose. The high pressure and intermediate pressure rotter are always of integral time.
In this turbine complete expansion of steak takes place and the steam pressure during the flow of steam over the turbine blades remains content.
Types of Impulse turbine 

There are two types of impulse turbine

1. In built rotter

2. Integral rotter

The Integral rotter is also two types

1. High pressure
2. Intermediate pressure rotter

2.  Reaction turbine

In a reaction turbine only partial expansion take place in the nozzle and further expansion takes place as the steam flows over the rotter blades. The relative velocity of steam increases as it expands of steam increases as it expands while passing over the blades. Reaction turbine are basically impulse reaction but are designated as reaction turbine. The modern reaction turbine.  The modern reaction turbine has bath stationary and moving blades.  

Hence it is the main types of steam turbine if you will find any incorrect above please comment below in comment box.

if you know more about types of steam turbine you must watch this video.

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