Difference between fuse and circuit breaker

In this article we will discuss about the difference between fuse and circuit breaker.

Difference between fuse and circuit breaker.



                       Circuit breaker

1.   It has a Rated Current (IN), which is the maximum rated current before the breakdown. Rated Voltage is the minimum voltage at which the circuit will be open due to melting of the wire.

It has also a rated current but there are different ratings, according to relay  setting we can change rating of circuit breaker.

2.   The  fuse is a circuit element that is a one-time use element,  simply we can say that fuse is a piece of wire which connect two conductor terminal and provide softy  from different fault, as like short circuit, earth fault , over current fault.

The circuit breaker is a electromagnetically device which is used for connecting to conductor terminal and provide safety,, basically it used for connecting two conductor and provide safety from different fault.

3.  It is not re settable,,, or one time use. Fuse is a device which use only one type it has not reset option because after occurring fault, it become melt.

 But circuit breaker is re settable, and it works on magnetic attraction. It have magnetic coil according to setting it work on different rating.

4.  The fuse is less costly than circuit breaker; it is only a conductor wire which uses to connect two conductor terminals.

The circuit breaker is more costly than fuse because it has different other component, as like rely.

Operation of fuse is inherently complete automatic.                                 Elaborate components such as relays are used for automatic action

5.  It performs both detection and interruption. It has not extra system for detection. It works both detection a

nd interruption.

·But circuit breaker performs only interruption, which means fault is detected by the rely system provide for this purpose.

6.  The operation of fuse is very less (0.002 sec). It is use for low rating and for less costly equipment.

The operation of circuit breaker is very fast. It has use for heavy and high costly equipment.

7.   It is use for only protection from normal fault.  

It is used for every type protection in every fault.


 Hence it is the basic difference between fuse and circuit breaker, if you will find any incorrect above please comment below in comment box.



For knowing more about the difference between fuse and circuit breaker you must watch this video.



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