Types of batteries

In this article we are going to discus about the types of batteries. we will discuss about the main types of batteries in detail. we also discus about the application according to types of battery.

Types  of batteries

Mainly two types of batteries.

According to uses battery is divided in two parts.

1. Primary storage  battery

2. Secondary storage battery

1. Primary storage battery

it is the first types of batteries.
Primary storage battery is group of Primary cells. It is non-rechargeable battery  there is some primary type of storage battery in below.

Different types of batteries

Aluminum–air battery

Aluminum-ion battery

type of battery, lead acid battery,alkaline battery , primary battery Atomic battery


Opt electric nuclear battery

Nuclear micro-battery

Bunsen cell

Chromium acid cell

2. Secondary storage battery 


This types of batteries are a group of secondary cells in which the electrical energy is stored in the form of chemical energy by charging it. This type of battery is capable to provide the electrical energy and in this process it again coverts the chemical energy into electrical energy. The first action ids called charging action and second action is called discharging action. In this type of battery the lead acid cell or NI-Fe cell are used as secondary cell.

According to use of electrolyte used and the type of plate these type battery are divide in two parts.

type of battery, lead acid battery,alkaline battery , primary battery

Lead acid storage battery
Alkaline storage batty

Lead acid battery 

According to construction these types of  batteries  also divide in two parts

type of battery, lead acid battery,alkaline battery , primary battery

    Portable type  battery 

  The portable batteries are movable from one place to another place and are generally use in    railways, buses, trucks and trolleys

   Stationary type battery

 The stationary type battery is established at one place and it is impossible to move it that place during the service life. They are used at power stations, substation, telephone center etc.

    Alkaline storage batteries 

     All the parts of this type of battery are similar to lead acid battery  but there is only the discharging of the parts the containers is need of sheet of steel the positive plates are need of Ni oxide coated iron tubes heaving holes in than Ni hydroxide is felled up in this tubes. it increase increase the conductivity of the electrolyte. so these are different between led acid and alkaline batter

   Overview of lead acid type of battery

     In lead acid battery there is a group of cells and in each there is one group of positive plates and   one group of negative plates. The positive plates are made of lead peroxide and negative place are made of spongy lead. Thus for identification the positive plate as the color of dark brown whereas the negative plate as the color of light salty.

   Some other type of secondary battery 

Deep cycle battery

VRLA battery

AGM battery

Gel battery

Lithium air battery

Lithium-ion battery

Beltway battery

Lithium ion manganese oxide battery (IMR)

Lithium ion polymer battery

Lithium iron phosphate battery

Application of secondary types batteries 

1. In the operation of important electrical facilities at the time of emergency in electrical generating stations, electrical grids, substation like…

In the Circuit breaker

Tripping relay

Auto control of machines

Emergency lighting arrangements

2. In the operation of controlling equipment’s and in arrangements of lights in railways.

3. For supply emergency services in telephone department.

4. For lighting and other arrangements in car bus trucks, etc.

5. I the tractor also used of these types  of batteries

Hence it is the main types of batteries and their application if you have any query about this articale pleas comment below.

For knowing more  types of batteries please sea this video.

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