Specification of wiring material and appliances

Specification of wiring materials and appliances


A specification is a detailed description of a material or apparatus to be procured for a given work or wiring. Thus a specification is more a guide rather than a definite instruction. Some equipment’s specification given below who use in general wiring.

  • switches 

A switch is used to make or break an electric circuit. At the instant of breaking, the switch should break the current without formation of an arc between the switch blades and contact terminals. Arc formation damages the switch contact. Aspiring can be provided to the movable blade.
Types of Switches and their specification

1.  Flush switches

Flush switches, as is clear from their name are fixed flush with the wall and done project out.

Type                     :   single way or two ways
Capacity               :         5A or 15A
Working voltage:   250V

2. Tumbler switches

Type                            :   single way or two ways
Material                     :    complete Bakelite or porcelain base and back cover
Capacity                        :     5A or 15A
Working voltage        : 250V

3. Pull switches

These are operated by the pulling of the cord provided, these switches are normal used in bedroom.

Capacity         : 5A or 15A
Working voltage : 250V

4. Grid Switches

 Grid switches are similar to tumbler switches and used in portable machines

Type           : single way or two way
Capacity    :  5A or 15A
Working     :  250V

5. Architrave switches

These types of switches are designed for flush mounting  on architraves,

Type                           :   single way or two way
Capacity                   :   5A or 15A
Working voltage    : 250

6. Rotary snap switches

 A rotary snap switch is different from an ordinary tumbler switch. it consists of at insulated handle  to which  blades are fixed.

Type                        :  single way or two ways
Capacity                  :   5A or 15A
working voltage      : 250V

7. Main switches

These switches are made of cast iron and have a very robust construction.they filled with requistite fuse units.

Types                       : ICDP or ICTP single phase or three phase
Capacity                   : 15A, 30A, 60 A, 100A, 200A
Working voltage: 250V

  •  Wall sockets

there are two-pin sockets fierst one is two-pin shockets and three-pin shockets for both 5A and 15A current rating a with 250 V working voltage.

  • Plugs

  • for tapping power from socket outlets two-pin or three-pin plugs with 5A or 15A current rating  and 250V working voltage are used .

  •  Fuse units 

IS 2086/1963 and IS 2208/1962 gives the specifications of fuse.
Types           :  semi enclosed and totally enclosed the two piece construction containing a fuse      base.
Capacity        : 5A, 10A, 20A, 50A,1000A
Working voltage: 250V

  •   Lamp holders

Lamp holsters are mainly are mainly classified into
Two parts one is bayonet cap lamp holders (up to 200) and second screwed lamp holders (above 200w).
Types      :   pedant or bracket or porcelain
Material   :  brass or Bakelite or porcelain Current capacity: 5A or 15A
Working voltage  : 250V

  • Ceiling rose 

Type         :   two ways or three way 

Material   :  Bakelite
Terminals: Made up of brass Contacts should be separated in the porcelain or bakelite
Current capacity    : 5A or 15A
Working Voltage   : 250V

  • Ceiling fan

IS 374/1966 gives the specifications for ceiling fans.
Current capacity   : 5A or 15A
Working voltage   : 250V
Wattage          : 80W
Sweep         : 900mm, 1050mm,1200mm, 1400mm,1500mm.
Speed        : 300RPM, 1050RPM
Type of supply : single phase, 59 HZ
Type of bearing   : both ball bearing , or one ball bearing and one bush or both bush.

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