Hydroelectric plants Advantages and Disadvantages

In this article we will studied about the hydroelectric plant advantages and disadvantages . we will also know about the disadvantages of plant  we will learn that what exact advantage of hydroelectric plant.

Hydro electric power plant
Hydro electric power plant

 Hydroelectric plants Advantages and Disadvantages.

Hydro-electric plants offer many distinct advantages over other means of power generation. These advantages can be summarized as under:

  1. The useful life of a hydro-electric plant is around 50 years as compared to around 25-30 years for a steam station.
  2. The hydro plants do not require any fuel. Their operating costs are, therefore, low since no fuel is required; there are no charges and problems of handling and storage of fuel and disposal of ash.
  3. There is no stand by losses in hydro plants. They can be run up and synchronized in a few minutes. The load can be adjusted rapidly.
  4. Hydro plants are more robust as compared to steam plants. 
  5. The maintenance cost of hydro plants is very low as compared to that of steam and nuclear plants.
  6. Efficiency of hydro plants does not reduce with age. On the other hand efficiency of steam plants decreases with age.  

    Advantage of Hydro power plant
    Advantage of Hydro power plant
  7. Generation of electric energy through hydro plants leads to conservation of coal and other fuels. it is main advantages of hydroelectric plants.
  8. The operation of thermal plants is totally dependent on efficient and quick transport of coal. Transport bottle-necks are likely to render thermal plants idle for long periods. Hydro plants are free from such bottle-necks.
  9. The operating personnel required for hydro plants are smaller in number as compared to those required for other plants.
  10. Hydro projects are generally multipurpose projects. In addition to electric power generation, they are also useful for irrigation, flood control, navigation etc.
  11. Hydro plants are free from air pollution due to smoke and exhaust gases.

12. Hydro plants are located in remote areas where land costs are low. .

Hydroelectric plants Disadvantages.

Due to high cost of civil engineering works, the capital cost per KW of hydro plants is considerably higher than that of steam plants.

Hydel power plant
Hydro electric power plant

Hydro power generation is dependent on availability of water. In a dry year, the power generation is very small.

  1. The firm capacity of hydro plants is low and needs to be backed up by steam plants.
  2. Since hydro plants entail huge civil engineering works, they take a considerably long time for completion.
  3. Hydro plant reservoir submerges huge areas, uproots large population and creates social and other problems.

Hence these are hydro electric plant advantages and disadvantage we have also learned about the disadvantages of hydro electric plant. If you will find any incorrect in above article you must comment below in comment box.

If you want to know more about the hydroelectric plants advantages and disadvantages you must watch this video. Its provide more help to understand advantages and disadvantages of hydroelectric power plants.

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