Difference Between LED Bulb and Tube Light

In this article we will know about the difference between led bulb and Tube light . In this article we will know that what is difference between tube light and LED bulb.

LED Bulb and Tube Light
LED Bulb and Tube Light

Difference between LED Bulb and Tube light

LED bulbs are compact in size. Tube light or florescent bulb are comparatively big in size.
LED bulbs lifespan is about 60000 hours. Tube light has lifespan of 10000 hours. Which is 6 times less compared to LED bulbs.
It take 5 times less power as compared to tube light for same illumination. It takes 5 times more power as compared to LED bulbs.
Ideal for directional lighting, like flashlight, desk lamp.LED’s are also found in vehicle headlights and electronic devices for status lights. ┬áideal for lighting up full rooms, with full-size tubes being ideal for large rooms such as warehouses where focused light is not needed.
LED lights have great efficiency. Tub light is also has good efficiency as compared to conventional incandescent lamps. But it is less efficient in comparison of LED bulb.

Hence these are some difference between LED bulb and Tube Light . If you will find any incorrect in above article you must comment below in comment box.

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