Difference between Ammeter and Voltmeter

In this article we will discuss about the  difference between Ammeter and voltmeter . we will also know about the symbol of voltmeter and ammeter .

Difference between ammeter and voltmeter

Difference between Ammeter and voltmeterAmmeter and voltmeter are used to measure current and voltage respectively. A  ammeter is an instrument which is use to measure electric current in a circuit .  A voltmeter is also a measuring device which is use to measure potential difference between two point .

Working of voltmeter and Ammeter.

Ammeter is use for measuring current and voltmeter is use for measuring voltage.
By using both parameters we calculate the resistance of circuit by suing ohms law
Where ..
V  is Voltage ,  which is measure by Voltmeter
I  is  Current  ,  which is measure by Ammeter
R  is Resistece which opposes flow of electric current
For measurement of current ammeter is to be connected in series to the circuit
Or if there is AC current it can be measured by clam CT. but for measurement
Of current only can be measured by two contact points.

Now let we know major differences between ammeter and voltmeter-

Difference Between Ammeter and Voltmeter.








1.Ammeter is use for measure amount of current



1. Voltmeter is use for measure potential difference between two points.



2. Ammeter is connecting in series to measure current.



2. Voltmeter is connecting in parallel for measure voltage.



3. Ammeter has low resistance in its circuit.



3. Voltmeter has high resistance in its circuit.



4.it is less accurate as compared to voltmeter



4. It is more accurate as compared to ammeter.



5. For range extension of ammeters a low value resistance is connected in parallel to the circuit, which is called shunt. it is measure difference between voltmeter and ammeter.



5. For range extension of voltmeter a high value non inductive resistance is connected in series so that it measure high voltage as compared to erlier.



6. Symbol of ammeter is


Difference between Voltmeter and Ammeter



6. symbol of voltmeter is


Difference between Ammeter and voltmeter



Hence these are some difference between  Ammeter and Voltmeter if you will find any incorrect  in above article you must comment below in comment box.


For knowing  more about the Difference between  Voltmeter and Ammeter you must watch this video.

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