Difference between Asynchronous and Synchronous counter

In this article we will know about the difference between asynchronous and synchronous counter. We will also study that what is counter basically and their working.

Difference between Asynchronous and Synchronous counter, Synchronous and asynchronous counter

working of synchronous and asynchronous counter

Counter may be asynchronous counter or synchronous counter. A synchronous counter is also named as ripple counter. In asynchronous counter, all the flip-flips are not clocked simultaneously, whereas in a synchronous counter all the flip-flops have some clock. Comparison of synchronous and asynchronous is given table. 
Difference between Asynchronous and synchronous counter

  Asynchronous counter
  Synchronous counter
1. In case of asynchronous counter, all the flip-flops are not clocked simultaneously.
In case of synchronous counter, all the flip-flops are clocked simultaneously.
2. In the case of asynchronous counter, the output of first flip-flop drives the clock for second flip-flop, the output of second drives the third and so on.
In case of synchronous counter , there is no interconnection between output of one flip-flop and clock of next flip-flop,
3. The settling time of asynchronous counter is cumulative sum of individual flip-flops.
The settling time of synchronous counter is equal to highest settling time of all flip-flops. theses are basic difference between asynchronous and synchronous counter.
4. Asynchronous counter is known as serial counter
Synchronous counter is known as parallel counter.
5.Its design and implementation is very simple.
Synchronous counter design and implementation becomes tedious and complex as the number of states increases.
6. Asynchronous counter is slow in speed as compare of synchronous counter.
Synchronous counter is faster in speed as compare to asynchronous counter.

Hence these are some difference between asynchronous counter and synchronous counter. If you will find any incorrect in above article you must comment in comment box.

If you want to know more about difference between synchronous counter and asynchronous counter you must watch this video.

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