Application of Multimeter

In this article we will learn about the application of multimeter. We will learn that where we can use of multimeter. we also studied about the precaution of multimeter.
application of multimeter, multimeter application, precaution of multimeter during application

Application of Multimeter

1. Resistance measuring
2. Measuring of Direct current and voltage
3. Measuring the AC Voltage
These are some application of multimeter which detail given below.

1. Resistance measuring

It is main application of multimeter.  It is used for measuring resistance of circuit.
In resistance measuring, black testing lead is connected with common plug socket and red lead is connected with 10ohm plug socket. After connecting both leads, their point ends short circuited and pointer is adjusted to 0 with the help of zero adjusting knobs.
Now both the ends of unknown resistor are connected with the end points of connecting leads. The résistance of the unknown resistor will be shown on the meter screen. If pointer shows resistor greater than 10 ohm, then red lead is connected with 1mega ohm range plug socket. Repeat above given process to measure unknown resistance.

2. Measuring the Direct Current and Voltage

It is also most important application of multimeter .
When a Direct Current (DC) is passed through the coil of multimeter , the multimeter shows a deflection promotional to DC. For measuring DC current , the multimeter is connected in series with the circuit and to measure DC voltage, it is connected in parallel with the two ends across which the DC voltage is to be measured.
application of multimeter, multimeter application, precaution of multimeter during application
After making connection of multimeter in a circuit, the black lead is connected with negative terminal and red lead with the positive terminal of the battery. The pointer of the multimeter shows the value of DC voltage. In order to measure the DC current, first the function switch is adjusting to the DC current measurement.
Thereafter, the red and black leads of the multimeter are connected with the positive and negative terminal of the battery, respectively. The pointer of the multimeter showed the value of DC current.

3. Measuring of AC Voltage

It is main application of multimeter because its maximum use to measuring of AC voltage in practical life.
In order to measure the AC voltage, the root mean square (RMS) values of voltage is measured with proper setting of voltage. To measure the AC voltage. First the AC voltage is step down upto 6V by using step-down transformer and the multimeter is connected to the two ends of the secondary coil of step-down transformer.
By adjusting the sliding contact Z of rheostat in between X and Y ends, the multimeter readings for AC voltage drop across the resistor are noted.
These are application of multimeter

Advantage of multimeter

After studied the application of millimeter we need to know about the advantage of multimeter.
application of multimeter, multimeter application, precaution of multimeter during application
1. The accuracy is very high.
2. Input impudence is very high hence, there is no loading effect.
3. An unambiguous reading at greater viewing distances is obtained.

4. The output available is electrical which can be used for interfacing with external equipment.
5. Due to improvement in the integrated technology, the prices are going down hence, it became cheaper.


The requirement of power supply electric noise and isolation problems are the limitations.

Precautions of multimeter  ( during application of multimeter)

1. Before the using the multimeter, the ends of the probes shold be cleaned to remove the insulation deposited on them.
2. Do not connect the multimeter with an AC circuit, as is cannot measure the AC quantity directly.
application of multimeter, multimeter application, precaution of multimeter during application
3. While measuring the current and voltage, set the selector switch at the highest range, then it is reduced to low as per the requirement.
4. If the value of the resistance of a resistor is to be measured, then the resistor should be dismantled from the circuit and power supply is disconnected from the multimeter. Then, the resistance value should be measured.
5. Do not use the multimeter for the measurement of current larger value than the range shown on the rotary selector.
6.  Before using the multimeter, ensure that pointer is set at zero position after touching both the probes together. If it is not so, then adjust the potentiometer to set the pointer ses at zero position. .  So these are precaution which we follow during used of multimeter or application of multimeter.
Hence it is the application of multimeter if you will find any incorrect above please you must comment below in comment box.
If you want to know more about the application of multimeter you must watch this video.

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