Difference between UPS and inverter

    In this article we learn about the difference between UPS and inverter. We will discuss in detail of the difference between UPS and inverter.
difference between ups and inverter ,difference between inverter and ups.

Difference between UPS and Inverter



            UPS(union power supply)        

1. Inverter is the parts of UPS
UPS is the combination of rectifier and inverter, with battery.
2. Cost of Inverter is lower than UPS.
It is the basic difference between ups and inverter
UPS cost is much higher than inverter because it have more equipment than inverter.
3. Inverter is an electrical device which converts DC power into AC power.
‚ÄčThe load will experience AC even though supply is DC such as batteries. The electricity can be at any desired voltage. It’s usually set to home voltage for normal home appliances application.
UPS is a device which gives emergency power supply. UPS is like battery and it work like also inverter.
It gives AC power when the main power is not available. When main power is restored a rectifier supplies DC supply to recharge the batteries. 
 4. Inverter takes low voltage DC power and converts it to AC power Mains level AC voltage. For example 12V lead acid battery to 230V supply.
UPS first stores energy then releases when there is a power cut off or power supply not available then it provide power supply.
This is also a difference between UPS and inverter.
5. Inverter are generally convert DC (direct current) power into AC( alternating current) power.
It have a battery source and also have converter which converter AC power into DC power and DC power into AC power according to requirement.
When it became charge it converts AC power into DC power. So these are also the difference between ups and inverter.
6. The inverter alone uses less without DC power supply.
It can be used as battery, for emergency power supply.
It is an electronic gadget which converts AC into DC.
It is a device which is used for emergency power supply.
 7. An inverter is an internal block of a UPS.
In a UPS inverter are also available. We can simply say that ups can work of inverter.
Inverter does not work like power pack. Because it cannot store energy.
It is main difference between UPS and inverter.
8. Inverter is  used to support power supplies when there is black out
It is also used to support power supplies when there is black out.
9. it does not provide much protection .
It provides more protection than inverter.
10. it has changeover , in emergency it can changeover supply .
It has not changeover, it cannot changeover contact.
Hence it is the difference between UPS and inverter. If you will find any incorrect please comment below.
For knowing more about the diffrence between ups and inverter please must watch this video.

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