Difference between electrical and electronics

In this article we will discuss about the  main difference between electrical and electronics. Will discuss in detail of main difference between electrical and electronics engineering.
difference between electrical and electronics, main difference between electronics and electrical

Difference between electrical and electronics.

1. In this field we studied about the utilization or application of flow of electrons.

It is the field of engineering in which we study about flow of charge (electron and holes).
2. This Technology is a field of engineering technology related to Electronics and Electrical Engineering which deals in transmission, generation & distribution of electrical energy and its application.

This technology is a field of engineering technology related to electrical and electronic engineering which deals , electronic itomes ,electronic device , digital equipment and its application.
3. The main difference between electrical and electronics equipment, take example of electrical appliances at your home like oven, fan work on AC.

For example tablets , mobile, computer , and other related equipment consider in electronic system.
4. In this engineering working voltage is very HIGH VOLTAGES and low constant frequency. For example 60HZ. And voltage is 220V, 440V.

In electronic engineering working voltage is low but its frequency is very high. for example , mega HZ, voltage is 6V,10V
5. In this device there is no connection of battery, as like fan, oven, are called electrical device. Are called electrical device.
Which device connect with battery as like, transistor, electronic capacitor ,diode etc.
6. The main difference between electrical and electronics is, in electrical we study current through conductor. Electronics we study current through semiconductors. And in electrical we study current through conductor
In electronic engineering we study about current through semiconductor. . Both are independent but highly related with each other. Becaz the aim of both branches is utilize current for useful purposes.
7. In this type device take the energy of electric current and transform it in simple ways into some other form of energy as like, light, heat, or different motion. As example The heating elements in a toaster turn electrical energy into heat so you can burn your toast.

Electronic devices are designed to manipulate the electrical current itself to coax it into doing interesting and useful things.
8. In electrical system large current required for operate of electrical circuit., as like heater, toaster etc.

In an electronic system small current required for operation of electronic circuit.
9. This is the field of Engineering that generally deals with the study and also application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.

Electronic field is an Engineering discipline where non-linear and active  electronics and electrical components and also devices such as electron tubes, and semiconductor devices, especially diodes, transistor and also integrated circuits, etc. electronic circuits,

10. In electrical system electrical component larger than electronic component , as like transformer, capacitor etc.

In electronic system electronics component smaller than electrical component, as like transformer. Capacitor its.

 Hence it is the main basic difference between electrical and electronics if you will find any incorrect above please comment below in comment box.

For knowing more about the difference between electrical and electronics . you must watch this video

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