Electric fan types ,working and construction of electric fan


Types of electric Fan

there are mainly two type of electric fan

1. Table fan 

2. ceiling Fan 

Main Component of electric fan

1. metal body 

It is made from cast iron . which mechanical strength is very high.

2. Stator 

which is made of laminated iron for provide external supply to electric Fan.

3. Rotor 

It is rotatable part of electric fan . which is rotate when give it electrical supply.

4. gear box 

5. Base cover 

It is used to provide insulation between winding and metal body.

6. Regulator 

It is speed control device of electric fan . fro this we can control speed of Fan.

7. Condenser 

Its also called capacitor it is used for improving power fector and voltage regulation. 

8. Blads 

Nuts ,bolts,washers and insulating material according to the requirement.

According to use of power supply type of electric fan

According to power supply
there may be three main type of fan

1. DC table fan or ceiling fan

2. AC table or ceiling fan

3. AC/DC table or ceiling fan

Working and construction of electric fan

An electric fan is an electric motor to which the blats are fixed so that then the motor of the fan rotates ,the balds through the air A D.C fan are of DC series motor in which the rotating part armature is connected in series with the stationary part and when the current is given to the motor , the magnetic field is set up in the field winding which experience a force in the armature to move it at right angle to the feed and balds attached with shaft of armature displaced the  air. the same principle applies to AC fan but there is some difference in the construction of AC fan and DC at the rotating part of the AC fan a start of rotor and the stationary part of the fan .stater and Armature.
In case of AC fan mainly two types of single phase motor are used.

1. Shaded core type  motor

2. Capacitor run type motor

In case of AC or DC fan the universal motor are used in which the bound armature and field winding are connected in series. the speed of the fan are controlled by regulators. the regulator of resistance steps in series of the supply. the applied voltage to the motor is varied by voltage changing these resistances is steps and the fan work on the speed which be required.

Possible fault in electric fan 

1. open circuit, short circuit , earth fault in main winding or running winding

2. O.C and S.C fault and earth fault in auxiliary winding

3. Open circuit , short circuit and earth fault in condenser

4. Other fault may be in bearing , broken plug , top or effective supply core.

Testing of different fault in electric Fan 

By the use of series lamp method  we can identify every type fault 

  • If the lamp does not give light it is  an open circuit fault 
  • If the lamp glows brightly it is shot circuit fault 
  • during connecting one hand of testing  lead to the metal part of the fan and another fan of lead to any one end of running winding and if the lamp gives light it is an earth fault.  

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  • October 1, 2016 at 2:16 am

    The table fan is a single phase motor and its coils consist of three stage winding, which are helping mains and and regulator winding. the regulator winding used to regulate the speed of table fan.

  • October 1, 2016 at 2:16 am

    ceiling fan speed control by regulator. but table fan not used regulator . But speed controlled. how. ….pls reply sir


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