Difference between motor and generator

In this article we are going to discuss about the difference between motor and generator. In both machine more similarity but some difference between them

Difference between Motor and Generator

difference between motor and generator,difference between motor and generator



1. The motor are convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Simply we can say that it generate rotation power at motor shaft output.
The generator are convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. it convert rotation power into electrical power,
2. It gives mechanical output if its input is electrical
It gives electrical output if its input is mechanical
3. its only one input , electrical power
In this machine many types input used as like falling water, pressurized steam, coal
4. A DC generator is also a DC motor it means a generator can be converting into motor.
A DC motor is also can be convert into DC generator.
5.  It is used for drive every type machine as like washing machine, Printing machine etc.
It is used for generate electrical power which are used to drive electrical motor.
6.  It work on principle of electromagnetic induction but in this Fleming left hand rule work
It is also work on principle of electromagnetic induction but  current direction given by Fleming right hand rule

So these are main difference between motor and generator if above find you some incorrect please comment below.

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