Working of Boiler in thermal power plant

Working of  Boiler  in thermal power plant 

A boiler is closed vessel in which water under presser is converted into steel. It is one of the me jar component of a thermal power plant

Working of boiler , type of boiler , fire tube boiler, water tube boilerA boiler is always design to absorb maximum about of heat realized in the process of combustion . This heat is transferred to the boiler by all the three modes of heat transfer.
Methods which are used to pass the steam to one place to another place is given below

1. Conduction
2. Convection
3. Radiation

Type of boiler used in thermal power plant 

1. Fire tube boiler
2.Water tube boiler

1. Fire tube boiler  

It is also divided in two parts according to its position

  • Horizontal  fire tube boiler 
  • Vertical fire tube boiler

This is boiler is  simple , compact in construction its initial cost is low . A vertical fire tube boiler occupies little flour space. They are economical only for low presser and therefore available an small sizes having street capacity of about 15000 thousand kg per hour.

2.Water tube boiler  in thermal power plant

In this type boiler water flow inside the tube and hot gases  flow outside of the tubes. Water tube boiler are classified as vertical, horizontal or inclined fuel depending on whether the tubes are vertical or horizontal or inclined. The circulation of water in the boiler may be natural or force to the action of pump. the factor which affected the choice of and boiler are initial constant availability maintenance cost, labor cost space, fuel cost.

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