Electrical Maintenance and repair

Electrical Maintenance and repair

It is routine work which is essential to maintain the proper condition of any facility in which its full capacity may be used efficiently.

Electrical Maintenance and repair, repairing of electrical devicesRepair 

In different type of machine and equipment fault may come during its operation. Repair is the work in which the faults are removed and the particular parts are replace if necessary.

Main steps of maintenance work 

1. Preparing the mentanace schedule
2. Providing the training to maintain staff
3. Collection of maintenance standard and the cost of materials essential in maintenance
4. Deciding the test of the machine  after their mentanace
5. Giving the maintenance on particular time to the particular machine
6. Trying to prevent any stoppage in the plant due to the machine and equipment

Main steps of repairing 

1. Find out the fault of equipment and deciding the repairing work
2. Repairing of faulty unites and replacing the part if necessary
3. Assembling of the machine
4. Testing for proper operation

Classification of electrical maintenance work

The electrical maintenance work may be classified as follows 

1. Preventive maintenance
2. Routine maintenance
3. Break down maintenance

1. Preventive maintenance 

The maintenance work used to maintain a setisfectring condition of the equipment situated in a plant is called preventive maintenance
In preventive maintenance the equipment and machine are checked frequently and small faults are also remove at that time so that their will be no break down suddenly take place the machine are fully maintain so that they may work efficiently . it may be classify as flows.

2. Routine maintenance 

The maintenance work in which a least were is required for mentioning the proper condition of any machine is called routine maintenance

3. Break down maintenance 

The maintenance given to the machine after breakdown is its operation due to any fault is called breakdown maintenance. it may be partial over holing depending on the condition of machine

Scope of maintenance 

The various types of plant in which the electrical machine electrical equipment and other devices are used the maintenance work is quit essential for its continuous and whole operation so electrical maintenance has a very white scope

Frequency of electrical maintenance work 

The time period between the steps of maintenance and repair is called the frequency of electrical maintenance and repair. The frequency of maintenance and repair may be daily weekly, monthly, half yearly and yearly extra.

General structure and equipment of electrical repair shop

In larger  plant there are so many electrical equipment and that’s why it is required to repair the different equipment installed in it, time to time so it is quit essential to design and electrical work shop having all of the equipment’s and tools required in maintenance of all types of the devices situated in the plant.

The electrical workshop may be dividing in to following section
1. Fault finding section
2. Repair section
3. Assembly section
4. Testing department
5. Other section repair records main schedule

1. Fault finding section 

In fault finding section the machine is tested and the faults are searched in it. After starting the repairing work the sequence of repairing work the sequence of repairing work is decided in this section. In the second part of fault finding section the machine is cleaned the dust and other dirt particles are removed from it.

2. Repair section 

In repair section there are two sub sections first is electrical repair subsection
In this section the rewinding of motor and transformer winding, there drying and varnishing is done generally. The coils of starter circuit breaker and other controlling equipment are also repaired in this section

3. Mechanical repair subsection

In this section the mechanical repairing works like, welding, drilling lubrication fixing extra.

4. Assembly section 

In assembly section all of the part of a machine repaired in electrical as well as mechanical repairing shop are assemble and machine is prepared in its former condition test it.

5. Testing department 

After assembling of all of the parts of a machine, it is quit essential to check the machine that it is in proper operating condition or not. For this purpose the machine is passed from different does in testing department. if all test give proper result then the machine is installed on its proper place in the plant or it is placed in store room.

6. Other section 

There are some parts in which the essential tools row material and other items required in maintenance and repairing are placed separately.

7. Repair records 

The repair records are prepared at the time of require of any machine in these records the various in formation ore given about the repairing of machine at that time.

8. Maintenance scheduled

The scheduled in it is decided that what are the particular maintenance work are will be done on a particular machine after a particular time is called maintained scheduled in this  scheduled the completes maintenance sequence of a particulars machine is decided after researching on its working condition by the manufacture.

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