Emergency light circuit, and their working

         Emergency light circuit


The emergency light becomes the common light in these days. It is very useful in night time. It automatically glows when the main supply is cut off.so it is most important in case of power supply is not available.

emergency light circuit and their construction and working,application of emergency light

 The main components of an emergency light as follows

1. Metal body 

All the component are assembled with metal body

2. Step down transformer

In emergency light circuit one step down transformer are used which decrease the voltage from 250V to 6V. it is step down transformer which convert high voltage into low voltage.
Its primary turns are more than secondary winding turns so its output voltage is 6V.

3. Battery 

It store electrical energy which given from step down transformer. Its rating is 6V.

4. Electromagnetic relay 

It make the contact in the event of failure
of supply

5. Beam light 

6V or9V with to filament lamp to give the light

emergency light circuit and their construction and working,application of emergency light

6. Indicating lamp 

 for  show the working of transformer 

7. Bridge rectifier 

It four diode circuit which convert A.C power into D.C power

8. Toggle switch 

It is a switch which ON the main supply to the circuit.

9. Socket   

To take additional connection to light up to other 6V lamp
Working of emergency light circuit

working of lighting circuit

When the main supply is switch ON, it steps down the voltage 6V which reaches to the bridge rectifier. This rectifier changes the A.C into D.C and then passing in to electromagnetic relay. So long the main supply is ON it charges the batteries, relay coils remains energies remains and the contact of relay remain open.
When the main supply goes away and switch first switch is kept ON position and switch second is placed to OFF position , the relay contact are closed which light up the upper filament termly of deem lamp when switch second is kept to ON position then the lower filament of lamp is light up and giving full light. The pilot lamp is connected giving 3V supply for indicating purposes.

Application of emergency light 

  • It is used in home alpines 
  • It is also used in small workshop 
  •  It is used in Small industries sector 

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