Maintenance of circuit breaker

Maintenance of circuit breaker

1. Inspection

The circuit breaker must be inspected one or two type in a year. If there is any abnormality then it must be remove instantly and if required then the circuit breaker must be sent for maintenance during maintenance. First of all the circuit breaker must be inspected again deeply and all the requirement must be noted before starting  the maintenance .

2. Cleaning 

The external dirt is removing from the circuit breaker. For cleaning parpous loos fiber sponge or special tools may be use.
maintanance steps of circuit breaker, maitanance of circuit breaker
Fault and remedies of circuit breaker

1. Fault 

The circuit breaker does not open
1. The contact are welded due to sparking between them
2. The battery of tripping system is discharge
3. Excessive friction in the tripping system


1. Try to sepret the contacts and If not possible replace them.
2. Charge the battery, test it and if require then replace it.
3. Lubricate the moving system properly
4. Find out the reason of welding the contact and remove it.

2. Fault

Low insulation resistance
1. Availability of moisture
2. Dirty insulation surface
3. Carbon layer on internal surface


1. Circulate  dry hot air inside the circuit breaker
2. Dismantle and clean the circuit breaker and measure its insulation resistance.

maintanance steps of circuit breaker, maitanance of circuit breaker

3. Fault

The contact of circuit breaker is not closing.


The blades are loose
1. fThere is non-linearly between the fix and moving contact.
2. The switching unit is fixed and unable to move.


Tight the blade arrangement
2. set proper linearly  between the contacts
3. Find out the arson of fixing the switching and remove it . if require than made proper lubrication in moving parts.


The contact of circuit breaker gets closed but gets tripped instantly.


1. There is an over load on the circuit
2. Any fault in the tripping machanisam
3. The contact of over load coil are open


1. Increase the overload setting in a proper limit
2. Find out the foult in tripping machanisam and remove it
3. Repair the contacts of overload coil.

5. Fault

Arcing between the contacts


1. Damage of contact circuit due to repeated operation
2. Decrees in insulation resistance due to moisture
3. Looseness in contact due to lower spring tension


1. If the contact are damage than replace than by the new re filing.
2. Circulation of dry not air through the contacts after the operation

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